Fabula (2013)
Graduation project | Exhibition view

For six months I photographed objects
and situations that resembled fables and
fairytales. Many of these pictures were
taken in places where passing birds led
me. In my imagination, these places
gained a different, almost symbolic
meaning. My perspective of the worlds
was that of a child listening to a fairytale,
so everyday situations around me swiftly
took on another meaning.

The Fabula project consists of a series of
photographs in the form of a flock of birds.
I have also made a little book of my own
fables, written around the photographs
and based on imagination, memories and
stories I knew.

72 Black & white digital silver-gelatin prints,
mounted on mdf wood.
Sizes: 69x46 mm, 105x70 mm, 170x113, 220x146 mm.

Accompanying book (dutch) available as download